On the streets of Berlin

Last December I travelled with a friend to Berlin, we only there for a few nights, but the city hooked me.  I don’t know what I was expecting but it was amazing and so very cold. Thank goodness for gluhwein. Staying in a budget hotel near the airport, we took the exceptionally punctual trains into the city. The streets are covered in graffiti, layers of paint and grunge.  Visiting the markets, we only managed a handful (Berlin has alot), we spent much of our time wandering around the city. Taking the time to warm up next to the open air fire pits with spiced gluhwein and snacks.  In the evenings we napped and then ventured out to the city after midnight.  The city is dotted with small analog photoautomats, genuine old photo booths that (mostly?) work although they seem to take an age to take and print your photos. IMG_4295 IMG_4279 copy IMG_4293 copy

Grey skies vs paint scrawled streets,

the glistening lights

of market stalls and warming gluhwein

the night pulses with an electronic beat.