Blackpool town

A large part of Blackpool seems dependent on the tourist trade, the shops/stalls are filled with ‘tat’ and the owners of the products were willing to barter down a little.  The seafront was filled with rock, candy and fast food (e.g. hot dog/fish and chips) shops, and the town was filled with tatty grimy cafes and rip offs.

We stopped at this litle cafe for breakfast, it wasn’t as bad as it looked =).

And here’s two slightly different treatments of the same shot, we both wanted to try and reproduce the grimy feel of the place:

the concrete seafront

Blackpool again: this time we walked along the promenade, along the edge of the beach. It’s a smelly concrete playground that runs along a large part of the seafront with a massive disco ball.

Looking away from the piers:

Looking back towards the town and the tower:

blackpool beach

We recently did a road trip up north and down through Wales, spending the night at Blackpool.  It’s like another world up there, the feel of the place is like Gweru – mainly from the colonial style buildings, with a smidge of Harare central thrown in with the cheap fly-by-night shops and red and white signs.

The promenade was packed, we arrived on what seemed like the warmest day of the year.  These pictures don’t quite show it, but the beach wa very busy – it was almost like visiting Durban, only without the waves.