Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle and Conwy Falls are nowhere near each other.  So don’t go to Conwy looking for the Falls because they are actually near Betws-y-coed.  Otherwise, Conwy Castle sits solidly above the mouth of a river/harbour, filled with arching windows and doors, with turrets and watch points high above the river, reached from the narrowest curved staircases.

Blackpool town

A large part of Blackpool seems dependent on the tourist trade, the shops/stalls are filled with ‘tat’ and the owners of the products were willing to barter down a little.  The seafront was filled with rock, candy and fast food (e.g. hot dog/fish and chips) shops, and the town was filled with tatty grimy cafes and rip offs.

We stopped at this litle cafe for breakfast, it wasn’t as bad as it looked =).

And here’s two slightly different treatments of the same shot, we both wanted to try and reproduce the grimy feel of the place:

Around the corner

This project is slightly harder to maintain when there’s so many other things that need doing and it’s raining outside.  Sometimes the battery needs charging and taking pictures is the last thing that you want to do.  So forgive us if sometimes we fall by the wayside.

If you take the stairs in our towerblock there’s this strange passage that links to the other block of flats.  This is it.

Click on image to see a larger version.