It’s the small things

Visiting The Fairy Glen was not as easy as you may think.  There are no really detailed maps, just a general ‘it’s near Betws-y-coed’.  And we weren’t alone in trying to find it, we kept coming across other tourists who had read the Terry Brooks series trying to visit The Lady’s pools.  When we eventually found it, after a day of looking in all the wrong places:  we followed the pathway we came across a calm pool filled with fish and birds feasting on the insects that congregated over the still water, there was a small cluster of purple flowers hanging off some rocks.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle and Conwy Falls are nowhere near each other.  So don’t go to Conwy looking for the Falls because they are actually near Betws-y-coed.  Otherwise, Conwy Castle sits solidly above the mouth of a river/harbour, filled with arching windows and doors, with turrets and watch points high above the river, reached from the narrowest curved staircases.

Welsh Lakes

Wales was an amazingly beautiful place that seemed a perfect setting for Lord of the Rings.  The mountans and valleys are covered with slate walls, winding around sheep and ancient trees.  The lakes are crystal clear and the mountainsides have springs and small waterfalls cutting their way down the rock.