vintage bus rally

Worthing held another bus show along the seafront this weekend prompting me to finally dig out some photos from last years rally. It’s rather interesting to see how the English buses have evolved over the years: some of the old ones are really cute. We only had a couple of shots left on the roll of film, which was poundland’s agfaphoto 200 35mm.


film-dk2012_0047x copy

film-dk2012_0043 copy

film-dk2012_0041 zcopy

march madness

2012-03-14 15.30 xSpring appears to have begun, the English countryside is starting to come back to life.

1. Early mornings and most days seem rather dreary still.

2. Daffodils are starting to push through in Hotham Park.

3 + 4.The sun is starting to linger and there are shadows again!

5+ 6 + 7. The campus is starting to look pretty again and the trees around Worthing and Chichester are starting to flower.